DVS Retinal Health

EyePromise (DVS)
Retinal Health Formula EyePromise DVS is the most comprehensive, science-based retinal health formula designed to support blood vessel health – essential in preserving healthy vision – through a unique combination of ingredients with documented effects for eye… Continue reading

EyePromise Zeaxanthin

Zeaxantin at The Eye Place, Birmingham AL



EyePromise Zeaxanthin Macular Health, Vegan FormulaEyePromise Zeaxanthin is our Zeaxanthin-only formula designed to increase Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) and support healthy photo-receptors, containing the highest available levels of dietary Zeaxanthin.


EyePromise Zeaxanthin… Continue reading

EyePromise Restore Macular Health Formula

EyePromise Restore Macular Health Formula at The Eye Place in Birmingham AL


EyePromise Restore Macular Health Formula

EyePromise Restore replicates the natural 2:1 ratio of Zeaxanthin to Lutein found in a healthy fovea to help rebuild macular pigment, preserve and enhance healthy vision, and fight against Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Also… Continue reading

What is Macular Health in Birmingham AL

What is MPOD Macular pigment is comprised of Zeaxanthin and Lutein, which are found in the center of the macula (fovea) at a natural 2:1 ratio. MPOD (Macular Pigment Optical Density) is important for three specific reasons: 1. Low macular… Continue reading

What is Zeaxanthin?

Zeaxanthin – the Heart of ZeaVision
Studies show that Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) increases low macular pigment levels – a leading risk factor for AMD. Our patented formulas contain the highest levels of dietary Zeaxanthin available featuring ZeaGold®*, a natural, highly… Continue reading